The Fogarty Foundation’s EDfutures initiative focuses on ‘Exploring Learning Possibilities’ to build an innovative change ecosystem that draws the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors together with business, industry and government to develop a clear and achievable vision for the future of the education system.

Fogarty EDfutures achieves this by:

  • Leading the CoderDojo WA network

WA leads the world in the international coding for kids movement, CoderDojo. 2016 has seen a significant rise in the number of Dojos in Western Australia, particularly school-based Dojos, with ~60% of Dojos run by teachers. We believe that Dojos provide teachers with experience in a ‘Classroom of the Future’ – linking students with digital creatives and technology change-makers in a project-based, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning environment. In 2017, Fogarty EDfutures will seek to support teachers in drawing the CoderDojo ethos and learning model into their classroom practice.

  • Trialling new models of learning through our primary research portfolio

The Foundation is involved in an innovative school-based research project in collaboration with Cecil Andrew’s Senior High School in Armadale and researchers from Murdoch University. This project seeks to design interdisciplinary STE(A)M curricula (adding the Arts to STEM) that promote the development of essential 21st century skills such as STEM literacy, critical and creative thinking and ethical understanding. This project will serve as a lighthouse example for educators that are seeking to implement innovative change and 21st century pedagogy within their schools.

  • Providing support to teachers and school leaders through workshops & consultations

In 2017, the EDfutures initiative will build on its research portfolio by delivering workshops and consultations to schools and communities. These sessions will focus on educational change, 21st century pedagogy and the development of collaborative networks between communities, schools, business, industry and government.

  • Advocating for change & connecting the dots

We advocate for change at the local, state and national level by supporting collaborations between education providers, business, industry and government – connecting the dots so that young people thrive in learning environments that step beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.



In 2017 we will help connect the dots between education and industry so that the sectors work better together and assist in scaling and connecting existing digital literacy education programs.

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