From the 25th to 28th of September, the 2015 Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference brought together nine 1st and 2nd year Fogarty Scholars with 61 high school students from around the state. The weekend retreat, held at Ern Halliday Recreation Centre, centered on the development of students’ skills in leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, and problem solving. The conference consisted of a combination of guest speakers and practical workshops. Conference speakers included past Fogarty Scholar Binu Jayawardena, BCG officer Grant Gilmour and public speaking expert Juliet Park. Highlights of the practical workshops included a “Shark Tank” simulation during which students applied their knowledge of social entrepreneurship to create marketable ideas, then used their communication skills to pitch their business models to a panel of current scholars. In what was a tension filled evening, the panel convened to award first place to an ecologically inspired plan to increase foliage in urban environments. Overall the feedback from the conference has been overwhelmingly positive, with both students and scholars alike enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and interesting discussions! We wish the participants of Futures 2015 all the best for their future studies and look forward to an even bigger, better conference next year! ​ Ben Chia & Josh Dunne Co-convenors, Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference 2015


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