Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference 2018

The Fogarty Futures Conference is an initiative created by the Fogarty Scholars Association. The conference in convened by two first year scholars and helps year 10 and 11 students develop their leadership skills and hear from inspiring speakers. Most importantly, the conference acts as an opportunity for young people to connect and develop friendships, creating a community of passionate young leaders across the state.

2018 marked the the sixth annual Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference, and also marked the largest ever application round, with a record number of schools, backgrounds and students represented in the submissions. This years conference saw 45 students attend the four day conference at Camp Wattle Grove, with 1-fifth coming from rural or regional schools and over 35 coordinators, speakers and presenters volunteering their time. 

Speakers included former WA Premier Carmen Lawrence, managing partner at McKinsey and Co Naveen Unni, former federal Minister for Defence Stephen Smith, and Australia’s leading academic on homelessness and Director of the UWA Centre for Social Impact Paul Flatau. 

The students also had the opportunity to learn from young leaders in the community including the 2018 Western Australian Youth Ambassador, David Castelanelli, who presented a workshop on public speaking, and founder of Futuristic Skills, Conor McLaughlin, who spoke about mentorship and interviewing for information. 

The key themes of this years conference were entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork, global citizenship and emotional intelligence. 

The feedback from the conference was overwhelmingly positive, with students stating they felt empowered and motivated. Many of the students attending the conference are already leaders in

their schools and wider communities. Fogarty Foundation is thrilled to be able to equip these young leaders with the skills to help them thrive andante enact real change in the community. 

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