On Saturday, 14th November 2015, Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA) held a succession planning workshop aimed at brainstorming ideas around the organisations growth.

Chair of ADFA, Dr Graham Forward, and Board Member, Paul Tye, are close friends of the Fogarty Foundation and were keen to draw on the perspectives of UWA Fogarty Scholars in the Management Boards planning session. Binu Jayawardena, UWA Fogarty Scholar and Medical student, was invited to attend and made a valuable contribution to the workshop and the planning session. 

The workshop that Binu participated in was focused on aligning current talent development with future leadership needs, key roles and community needs in a systematic way. The session was facilitated Dr Dorothy Wardale, Curtin University lecturer in organisational change and leadership, and explored how ADFA could continue to develop their organisation/team to continue to do great things in the community.

ADFA has a commitment to effect significant change in health care and well-being in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Somaliland and the Comoros through the provision of overseas medical teams, teaching and training programs and in country support of infrastructure development.

Established in 2005, ADFA is a non-profit community based organisation with its headquarters located in Perth. It has DGR status, is an accredited member of ACFID and in 2013 was successful in its application to become part of the Australian Governments NGO Cooperation Program, receiving additional funding to support and develop our long term projects. Since its inception 10 years ago, ADFA has achieved significant growth and standing in the community, both in Australia and the Horn of Africa. 

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