Brendan Zani, teacher at Scotch College and UWA Masters of Education student, led the committee responsible for bringing together the 2105 Fogarty Foundation Postgraduate Research Forum.  

The committee was made up of students who are passionate about education related research in WA and providing opportunities for this to be shared to the wider community.

“It’s exciting to have a vision and bring it to bear.  I’ve been tremendously gratified by the contribution and the effort put in by the other committee members.  Professionally it’s been wonderful to engage with the broader community of post-graduate researchers in Western Australia, and it has been refreshing to work outside the walls of my day-to-day context and lift my eyes to the horizon,” said Brendan.

The 2015 forum was a different format to anything that the Fogarty Forum had looked like before. 

There were 2 different session formats:

  • “Ignite” – a short-form session designed to spark conversation and offer a snapshot view; and
  • “Insight” – a longer traditional format where researcher and audience get to explore details a bit more.

The forum offered a wealth of school-based research, looking at everything from literacy education, to evaluating inquiry-based learning, casting an eye over NAPLAN and shifting schools, as well as reflecting on the culture around students with educational disabilities within the classroom. 

Topics stretch across the globe in two explorations of educational leadership in post-conflict societies.  There were also presenters looking at rethinking teacher education, and examining the role of critical thinking in developing professional practitioners, as well as offering insights into the value of futures perspectives in shaping education across the school and tertiary sectors. 

The forum is open for all to attend and the next Forum will will take place towards the end of 2016.

To register for the event, you can visit the official forum homepage

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