The Fogarty Foundation believe that digital literacy is an essential skill and we want every child to have the opportunity to learn how to code.  Coderdojo WA, initiated by the Foundation in 2013, provides young people with the skills to succeed in a digital economy.

CoderDojo WA is a free, fun and social learning environment that inspires young people aged 7 -17 (Ninjas) to learn coding, improve their digital literacy skills and develop individual projects.

CoderDojo WA provides advice on how to start Dojo’s and attract volunteers, we run 21st century skill training sessions that enable individuals to activate and support their own Dojos and we host social events to foster a community of coders in WA.

Here in Western Australia, Dojos are run by teachers, parents, librarians, youth workers, programmers and digital creatives in settings such as schools, libraries, universities, businesses, community centres and more. What all Dojos share, is a uniquely informal and unstructured social learning environment that unleashes the creativity and initiative of young people as self-directed learners.

Through CoderDojo WA, the Fogarty Foundation is building the capability of individuals, groups and organisations, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and networks to start and run their own CoderDojo coding clubs. By catalysing and connecting our diverse community in WA, we are able to maximise the collaborative potential of our network.

In 2017 we have over 100 Dojos in WA that are supported by over 110 Champions, 200 Mentors and attended by over 1,700 Ninjas.

Read our CoderDojo WA Overview to find out more. 

“More than anything else, it has taught [my kids] the rules of logic essential to all computer programming”


Owen Cater, Parent of a Ninja

A unique model

The beauty of the CoderDojo concept is that you don’t need to know how to code to start a Dojo or provide assistance as a Mentor. Young people are able to help each other with creative digital projects that improve their coding skills, in guided spaces that are supportive and safe. Clubs aren’t contingent on the presence of skilled instructors, and thus the CoderDojo model can activate future programming whizz kids in any location.

By fostering a community of coders amongst Ninjas, Mentors, Champions, parents and professionals, CoderDojo WA is providing the opportunity for development and innovation in a field of almost unlimited potential, equipping our youth with skills for the future.

CoderDojos have one rule: BE COOL (AND MAKE IT FUN!)

Who is involved?

Ninjas: Young people aged 7-17 who come along to learn how to code and improve their digital literacy skills.

Champions: The coordinator for Dojo sessions. You don’t need to know how to code to be a Champion!

Mentors: Passionate people who support the Champion and assist the Ninjas. Mentors range from education or tech students, to parents, to professionals in these sectors who are looking to share their knowledge

For more information please visit the CoderDojo WA website.

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