edfutures-logo-1An education ecosystem that catalyses innovation in education

EDfutures is an education community based in Western Australia. Our community brings K-12 educators together with higher ed, business, industry, not-for-profits, government and the broader WA community, forming a collaborative education ecosystem. EDfutures members work together to create positive change in the education system, challenging the status quo to better prepare young people for the dynamic and complex challenges and dilemmas of the 21st century.


To future-proof the education system, creating opportunities and improving outcomes for young people.



By 2030, all young Western Australians will have access to educational opportunities that equip them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to thrive in a global society.



We provide a platform for community members to collaborate, share and innovate. Members may be involved in active education initiatives or they may be seeking support to design and implement innovative projects within their workplace. They attend and run workshops, host meet ups and conduct research to gauge the impact of their work, championed by the EDfutures team.

Members demonstrate how to combine and implement evidence-based and emerging practices in education. As a collective, we advocate for systemic change in education based on inter/national and community-led research.


In a rapidly changing world, there is growing consensus that the education system, in its current form, no longer serves the learner at the heart of the institution. Though significant efforts are underway to develop and implement new practices in schools, overcoming the industrial ‘DNA’ at the heart of education poses a formidable task.

The scope of the challenge requires a collective approach to impact. We need to work together to reimagine the role of schooling and develop a new paradigm for education that merges the best of the past with the possibilities of the future.


Our community aims to develop an education ecosystem based on UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals so that every young person can thrive, becoming active, informed citizens and life-long learners. Our end game is a self-sustaining education ecosystem that continues to explore future frontiers in learning and teaching.


There are two types of membership in EDfutures:

  • EDfutures Educators include K – 12 teachers, administrative staff and school leaders, and tertiary educators from across Western Australia.
  • EDfutures Influencers represent a spectrum of businesses, industry, not-for-profits and government, as well as independent volunteers and community members who are interested in contributing to EDfutures.

Explorers • Creators • Rebels

EDfutures members have a passion for improvement and innovation in education. They are keen collaborators and seek to share knowledge and resources while building their own capacity and expertise in the domain of future-focussed education.

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