The Fogarty Foundation initiated Fogarty EDvance to significantly improve and sustain academic outcomes of students in disadvantaged communities

Fogarty EDvance includes a 3 year whole school improvement program, building the capacity of school leaders to transform educational outcomes for their students.

Why does it exist?

The day-to-day of school leadership can be all consuming and it can be hard to find the time to think strategically about school improvement. Schools in disadvantaged communities often face extra challenges in providing quality education for their students.

We know how to close this gap and improve outcomes for students in disadvantaged communities.

Fogarty EDvance believe that with strong leadership, a whole school improvement strategy can be successfully implemented.  With the support of their Mentor, the FED team and experts from education and the corporate sector, school leaders can increase the overall effectiveness of their schools and improve the educational outcomes of their students.



The program enhances the capacity of school leaders through an evidence-based approach including:


– 1-on-1 mentoring from past principals for a full 3 years

– Working with best practise research and tools on effective school leadership

– Rich school level diagnostic data

– Peer supported learning and sharing of best practise

– The design, implementation and evaluation of an ambitious, yet realistic, school improvement plan


The program uses a holistic model for school improvement, drawing on expertise and leadership tools from business and social sectors, as well as education, to help address each school’s specific context, community and needs.

Each school selects different areas that they will focus on improving during their 3 years in the program based on rich data of their specific context and current level of achievement.  Throughout the program, there is a strong emphasis on evaluating the impact of the changes that schools implement on student outcomes.


Results for the first 2 cohorts of schools that have completed the program (18 schools) show that this is one of the most effective school improvement programs in Australia.

Every school that participated in the school improvement program has seen improvements in academic outcomes for their students.

Results include higher attainment rates and improved literacy and numeracy for their students, as well as positive changes in student behaviour, staff culture and parent and community engagement.

Beyond the 3 year program, the EDvance Network continues to connect and support schools to sustain and further improve student outcomes.  The Network includes access to the most recent research, a Mentor Bank and Expert Engagement.

In 2019, 18 new schools from across WA will join the program as part of Cohort 6, as we continue to aim to significantly improve the learning outcomes of at least 25% of students in disadvantaged communities in WA by 2020.

For more information please visit the Fogarty EDvance website.

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