The Fogarty Foundation and the University of Western Australia view leadership as an integral factor in building strong communities

The Leadership Program expands Scholars’ horizons by initiating opportunities for the Scholars to learn from, and have access to, a network of leaders, gain insight into how our community works and how they can positively make a contribution.


In 2018, the Leaders Series included the Fogarty Conversations with Manal al Sharif, Cultural Thinker & Writer ; US Consul General, Rachel Cooke; and, most recently, Professor Peter Leedman Director of The Harry Perkins Institute

The Scholars convened the first “Mind matters” skills workshop, a mental well-being workshop discussing the pressures and sometimes overwhelming feelings of high achieving scholars. The practical sessions included several scholars sharing their experiences and discussing resources and support available. The event was very well attended and received, we look forward to support the scholars to continue the dialogue and run these practical sessions.

Several Scholars will present at the annual Scholars Showcase event, inspirED, on their passions, achievements and the personal initiatives they have established within the community.



“The ability to consistently engage in meaningful and intimate conversation with some of the world’s most inspiring leaders. It has normalised the notion of huge success and tremendous impact motivating me to seek my own!”

          –  Jasime Sekhon

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