The DRUMBEAT program is an evidence-based, award-winning program that uses hand drumming to explore relationship issues central to healthy lives and healthy communities

In 2015, we were proud to support DRUMBEAT Quest, which adapts the essence of the DRUMBEAT program into a video game to help young people learn life skills.

It’s one of the world’s first video games designed as a socially responsible tool to help educators and counsellors engage with young people. Through the games innovative design, counsellors and educators get an opportunity to open up conversations with young people that might otherwise be difficult. They do so by drawing analogies from storyline events and player strategies and choices in the game, alerting them to issues that may be unfolding in the player’s real life.

The rhythmic drumming adventure explores themes linked to healthy and meaningful lives, incorporating themes of trust, peer pressure, mental health, drug and alcohol use, bullying, grief and social responsibility.



The game is a great alternative to traditional ‘talk based’ therapies. It’s a safe context for kids to open up to discussions they may not usually have.

Quest was officially launched in March 2015 and since then, Holyoake has received excellent feedback. Quest also took home the best video award at the WA Screen Awards in 2015.

We have supported Drumbeat since its inception through supplying sets of drums to schools and community groups, building an online training facility and through Quest.

It is early intervention that works with people at risk and helps build their social capabilities to cope better with the challenges in their lives. Holyoake has devised a well thought out, structured program that uses music, psychology and neurobiology that can address specific needs in each group.  This program is evidence based enabling effective delivery.

We supported Quest specifically as we think the game is a novel way to engage with troubled children and instigate what are usually hard, but vitally important, conversations about mental health issues.

To find out more about Quest and Holyoake visit their website.

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