School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia inspires and equips change makers and social entrepreneurs to establish, scale and sustain ventures that foster social and economic participation and create a lasting impact

SSE Australia runs learning programs across Australia for people from all backgrounds that have an idea or business with a community benefit.

It’s a non-academic school, based on ‘learning by doing’. Students gain practical business and life skills that can be directly applied to their ventures.

“The program has allowed the ICEA Yarn Program to move beyond an idea into a sustainable entity that is supporting the needs of the community. By providing me with skills I didn’t even know I needed, it allowed me to grow as a leader and bring the program along with me on the journey of development. Over the same time as the course, I was selected as the CEO of the ICEA Foundation and the course further developed my skills to be successful in this role.”


Tom Joyner, Program Coordinator for ICEA Yarn Program and CEO of ICEA Foundation.

In 2015, we supported the Perth Incubator Program which propels social innovators forward and develops their ideas into a reality. 15 carefully selected change makers participated in 2015. Through business planning, social impact, financial planning and governance, as well as Action Learning Sets and 1-to-1 mentoring, the students solidified their ideas, developed stronger business acumen and were able to comprehend finance and legal structures in order to develop their social ventures.

We support SSE because we believe it’s important to encourage and develop the change-makers in our society who have good ideas with a community benefit.

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