The Hub is a collaboration between The Smith Family, Department of Education and The Fogarty Foundation

It is a new way of working with a cluster of 4 schools (3 primary and 1 high school) in the City of Swan.

The aim is to enable schools in the Swan View area to become collaborative centres where families can access a range of services and information that will help them to support their child’s education. This project has presented the schools with a unique opportunity to share resources and work more closely together, develop strong partnerships within the schools as well as the wider community and develop unified approaches to improve student outcomes.

For a snapshot of the activities covered over the last 12 months of the School & Community Hub, see this infographic.



In 2015, the Hub focussed on providing activities to target parental engagement, literacy and numeracy, transitions and school attendance.

The project continued to support the following activities and initiatives in 2015:

  • Funding of the School App
  • Mathletics
  • Essential speech therapy services across the primary schools
  • Parent engagement activities
  • Literacy workshops
  • Professional learning forum
  • After school learning clubs
  • Educational workshops such as Financial Literacy
  • Corporate volunteers assisting initiatives within the schools
  • Reading support to students
  • Activities addressing school transitions

For more information on the Smith Family Swan Extended Schools Hub visit here.

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