For 16 years, the Fogarty Foundation has proudly partnered with The Smith Family to provide opportunities for talented and gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through the Learning For Life Fund, the Foundation provides financial sponsorship to many young people to enable them to participate in educational, sporting, arts or leadership experiences that they could not otherwise afford. This has enabled many students with talent, to be able to access specialist support and development programs.

The Fogarty Fund provides additional financial support towards students’ expenses associated with special talents and high achievement, such as: music camps; sporting equipment and fees; learning materials; etc. The support is also extended to children who hope to realise their potential by being given the opportunity to participate in social activities such as sport, acting and music.

The benefits of a child’s participation in these kinds of activities are enormous. They include learning social skills such as team work, communication and confidence building, while ensuring students are engaged in positive recreational activities and social connection – all of which are transferable to school and contribute to improving educational outcomes.

During 2018, 14 talented Learning for Life students benefited from receiving funding for a variety of activities.

For more information about The Smith Family programs, visit here.

By investing in the potential of these students, in partnership with The Smith Family, we believe we’re enabling them to thrive at school and into their working lives.

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