The Smith Family Community Engagement Workshop Series

Parent engagement is critical for their children’s learning, but this can be difficult for many parents, particularly those with low-incomes or from non-English speaking backgrounds. 

In 2018 the Foundation supported the Smith Family to deliver a series of Community Engagement Workshops to the schools in the Dianella Education Precinct – Dianella Secondary College, Dianella Education Support Centre and Dianella Primary College. 

The workshops were run by Dr Karen Mapp a world expert in school and community engagement. Dr Mapp is a senior lecturer in education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and for the past twenty years her research and practice focus has been on the cultivation of partnerships among families, community members and educators to support student achievement and school improvement.

The workshops focussed on Reshaping, Reforming, and Rewriting student learning with family engagement as a key strategy. Through changing the parent-school dynamic, the schools learn how to support parents as first educators and to engage in their children’s learning at school and at home. 

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