Roseworth Primary School

Roseworth is an independent public school situated in the culturally diverse community of Girrawheen.

We began our relationship with Roseworth in 2003 by assisting their supported playgroup. Since then, we’ve supported the school’s innovative ECU Fogarty Professional Learning Centre which uses technology to develop Roseworth teaching staff in areas of early intervention, literacy, numeracy and student engagement.

We’ve facilitated the Wildcats Inspire Program to be run at Roseworth, and have helped provide Literacy Coaching for years 1 and 2 students. The school is part of the Fogarty EDvance program having completed the three year school improvement program in 2018. Now part of the EDvance alumni network, Roseworth is able to connect with a number of programs offered including the Dyslexia SPELD’s BOOST program.

Our Executive Chairperson was a founding member and continues to be on the school board.

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