On Wednesday 27th of May, the Fogarty Scholars had a Conversation with past Minster for Defense and UWA Winthrop Professor of International Law, Stephen Smith.

Professor Smith shared plenty of his personal clichés about life, leadership and politics that he has gained through his personal experiences.  

Professor Smith’s adult journey began as a student at UWA, he then graduated and went into the legal profession before turning to politics for a large amount of time and he now finds himself back at the UWA campus as an academic. 

Professor Smith’s key takeaways included:

  • no matter how well you may have plotted your life out “the plan never quite comes out the way you think” – a truism very useful for the Scholars at the start of their careers;
  • the “all tip, no iceberg” theory – the need to have the depth and detail behind any statement you make or proposition you put forward to be able to back this up in a credible and authentic way; and
  • that most of wisdom is EXPERIENCE.

The conversation brought it home to the Scholars that although they may all have the intelligence needed to be successful, the experience they gain on their individual journeys will be what sets them apart in life and everyone walked away inspired to make the most of the opportunities arising on their individual life journeys!




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