The Australian newspaper supplement The Deal recently ran a feature on The Future of Work.  This is a highly discussed topic across many sectors of our community and Fogarty Foundation team members has been asked to discuss this issue at a number of events this year.

We know that our world is rapidly changing:  This digital world with increasing connectivity, automation and artificial intelligence, is substantially changing the work we do and the way we live our lives.

The article discusses the forces at play and what that future may look like.  It also talks with business CEOs who share their thoughts on what schools should do to build the skills of Australian workers. 

Many of the business leaders spoke of the soft skills or 21st century competencies which the OECD have distilled to the 4cs:

  • Creativity and innovation – creating it and making it happen
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration to help solve increasingly wicked and complicated problems
  • Communication to effectively communicate our ideas and how our initiatives will operate


This discussion is very closely aligned with the Fogarty Foundation’s latest initiative, Fogarty EDfutures which is aimed at helping build an education ecosystem to ensure that all young people will thrive in our unpredictable future and how can we enable it.  Visit our EDfutures website – for more information or to join our network.

Elena Douglas Founder and CEO of Knowledge Society, concluded the article highlighting the nine main areas the education system needs to focus on and included that we need to ‘ensure that all children particularly those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, develop fundamental literacy and numeracy skills’, referencing the work that we are doing in this area through the Fogarty EDvance program.

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