UWA Fogarty Scholar and medical student, Binu Jayawardena, has published a study that worked with more than 500 medical students and interns from 2012 through 2013 with the results showing that more than a third of medical students have depression.

During his time as a Medicine and Surgery student at UWA, Binu has undertaken many research projects and his papers have been recognised and presented globally. Binu is undertaking his final Honours year as a student and his recent work was profiled in The West Australian paper.

Binu’s research was based on the anecdotal understanding that people in the medical profession have higher rates of mental health and his results have backed this up. “The most pressing issue is that the rate of depression across the whole group nominally was much larger than in the general population,” Binu told The West Australian.

The Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Medical Association are making changes to support young doctors mental health. The group signed a deal to provide services, that will be confidential, to help the mental health of doctors and medical students.

The full article is available here.


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