On Tuesday 21 May, a group of UWA Fogarty Scholars were invited to participate in a boardroom master class event with John McGagh, Head of Innovation, Rio Tinto.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the Scholars to get ‘up close and personal’ with business executives and to learn more about what it means to be working and living in the Asian Century.

Thomas Durkin, UWA Fogarty Scholar, reflects:

“Mining is a topic that is widely discussed in Western Australia. As a young person living in this state, it is very often cited as the future of growth and job opportunities for my generation. Rio Tinto’s In The Zone Masterclass provided me with a greater understanding of how this complex industry operates. More often than not the discussion surrounding mining is focused in the sphere of government. However in meeting with John McGagh, the Head of Innovation at Rio Tinto, I was able to understand the intricacies involved in the process of extracting minerals. The actual process is one that is highly complex and is becoming even more challenging as older miens come to the end of their life cycle. McGagh outlined technologies in development which will have the capacity to revolutionise this process. The interaction with Rio Tinto through it’s partnership with In The Zone has provided a unique insight into the mining industry that was truly rewarding and exciting.”

Thank you to The University of Western Australia, Rio Tinto and In The Zone for this opportunity.

For more information on In The Zone, visit: http://www.uwainthezone.com.au/

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