A warm welcome to our 2023 UWA Fogarty Scholars

April 5, 2023

UWA First Year Scholars Leadership Reception – 23 March 2023 

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to hear from so many inspiring UWA Fogarty Scholars and alumni at the annual Leadership Reception hosted for the first year UWA Fogarty and Winthrop Scholars and their families.  After Professor David Sadler’s opening address and remarks from Foundation Chairperson Annie Fogarty AM, the audience was treated to a stimulating panel discussion from five outstanding young people.   

The panel comprised alumni: 

and current Scholars: 

Panellists discussed what ‘leadership’ means to them and the ways in which the Scholarship program supported them in becoming a leader.   The differences between university and high school, and what panellists wished they knew in their first year was also a fascinating conversation.  They spoke about the freedom and opportunities that University life offers and the challenge of balancing trying out lots of new things, with also keeping from becoming overloaded and stressed as a result. 

Advice for first years on setting priorities, supporting their self care and managing study were shared, as well as the opportunities that panel members took during their time.  Tips or messages for the first years included: 

Thank you so much to our UWA Fogarty Scholars and Alumni for giving their time for an event that was very well received by the first years, with thanks also to UWA for hosting this great event. 

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