Perth Festival Education and Creative Learning Program

In 2018, the Fogarty Foundation became the inaugural Education and Creative Learning Patron for the Perth Festival.

For 65 years, the Perth Festival has been committed to bringing the best of the world’s artists to Western Australia, and the best of Western Australian arts to the world. Young people are makers, thinkers, creators and artists. Through the Perth Festival Education and Creative Learning Program, students have the opportunity to attend performances and be contributing artists.

The program offers a range of opportunities including workshops and masterclasses that bring performances into the classroom and delve deeper into the students’ creative powers. In 2019, the Festival’s Education Program reached 4,766 students from 53 schools and 405 teachers.  Students created fanfares, films and curated sessions for Writers Week. 

Being in a program for arts outside of school gave me the chance to take many more opportunities than I ever could inside of school. I was open to seeing more forms of arts.

Hayley Young creative

The Fogarty Foundation are proud to support the program and enable students to develop real skills and become immersed into the world of arts. We look forward to supporting opportunities to deepen learning through extended engagement outside the Festival period, working closely with cultural organisations across Perth.

For more information visit The Perth Festival website

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