ECU Fogarty Learning Centre

Our partnership with Edith Cowan University to improve teaching and learning in WA

The Fogarty Foundation has partnered with Edith Cowan University since 2003 with the establishment of scholarships and prizes in the School of Education and the creation of the ECU Fogarty Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre develops and tests ideas to improve teaching and learning in WA, enabling long term impact on teacher education. Scholarships are provided annually to teachers to undertake post graduate studies in the Graduate Diploma or Masters of Education Learning Difficulties.

Having trained specialists in this important area of education, is of great benefit for the students with learning difficulties and as mentors for other teachers in the schools with which they work. These scholarships and prizes celebrate educational excellence and a commitment to teaching and recognise the important role of teachers in our society.

Since the first scholarship recipient was awarded in 2006, the Fogarty Foundation has supported 99 post-graduate students specialising in educational challenges. Through these scholarships the Foundation is helping our students to fulfill their ambitions whilst supporting accessibility and equity in education in
Western Australia and beyond.

For more information or to apply for the scholarship, visit the ECU School of Education.

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