Fremantle Press Fogarty Literary Award

The Fogarty Literary Award encourages young and emerging writers to tell their stories and those of our community.

The Fremantle Press Fogarty Literary Award is one of Australia’s most prestigious awards for emerging writers. It encourages excellence in writing and assists new Western Australian writers in the development of their careers, while inspiring and encouraging other young writers in their field. 

In May 2019, Rebecca Higgie was announced the inaugural winner of the Fogarty Literary Award for her manuscript, The History of Mischief.

In June 2021, Brooke Dunnell was announced the winner of the Fogarty Literary Award for her manuscript, The Glasshouse. Fremantle Press plans to tour Brooke, as a creative writing workshop presenter in secondary schools and universities from Term 4, 2022.

The award includes a significant cash prize and a publishing contract with Fremantle Press. The winner is supported by the Fogarty Foundation and Fremantle Press to visit schools, particularly those in low socio-economic communities and regional areas, promoting reading, the writing of books and the telling of Western Australian stories. 

Since winning the Fremantle Press Fogarty Literary Award, I have run workshops with over 2,300 students at schools and libraries across WA. The workshops have revolved around historical fiction, inspiring students to look for unusual research materials (like ephemera), diving into the genre of magical realism (which few students have explored before) and considering how local WA place can be special settings for stories.

Rebecca Higgie Winner of the inaugural 2019 Fremantle Press Fogarty Literary Award

Shortlisted Authors

In 2019, Emma Young and Michael Burrows were shortlisted for the Fogarty Literary Award for their manuscripts The Last Bookshop and Where the Line Breaks. Fremantle Press published both novels in 2021, and in 2022, Michael Burrows was recognised as one of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Australian Novelists.

In 2021, Patrick Marlborough and Georgie Tree were shortlisted for their manuscripts Compulsion: Living with OCD and Old Boy. Their work will be published by Fremantle Press in the near future.

For more information about the Fogarty Literary Award visit the Fremantle Press website.

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