Arts Impact 100

In 2021, the Fogarty Foundation became a founding champion of Arts Impact WA. We believe that we can build a more resilient and exciting WA through supporting a wide range of small and emerging arts organisations.

Arts Impact WA

Arts Impact WA is a collective giving community formed to build a more resilient and exciting WA through the arts. Their aim is to ignite creative talent and enable new pathways to grow the arts sector and collective giving to benefit the local community.

High impact grants

Established in 2021, Arts Impact WA is run by a volunteer committee who are passionate about connecting positive changemakers, building community capacity and enriching the cultural landscape of WA.

Arts Impact WA offer high impact grants of $100,000, designed to provide transformational opportunities for the many talented artists and arts organisations in WA.  

Grant applications

Annie Fogarty is a member of the inaugural Grant Assessment Panel, who are tasked with shortlisting grant applications. Applications are open to West Australian artists and arts organisations who submit a short application that outlines their project concept, impact and cost. Applications for high impact grants close on 7 February 2022.

For more information, visit the Arts Impact WA website.

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