Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is a world leading medical research hub, conducting innovative research that translates into lasting health benefits.

Exploring STEM opportunities

A key focus of the Institute is to engage community and school groups into the world of medical research, through the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre. One of the BioDiscovery Centre’s key program is the Perkins Profs which enables students to observe and interact with dynamic research scientists. Lab sessions include staining cancer cells, amplifying genes, introduction to bioinformatics, viral outbreak and protein identification using nanoparticles for drug delivery. 

The mentors were very intelligent people that helped me understand what being in the higher tier of education and being in a medical lab was like.

Student of the Perkins Profs program Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

An introduction to medical research

Since 2018, the Fogarty Foundation has sponsored a Perkins Profs three-day intensive for students from EDvance schools. This unique opportunity offers students immersion into medical research techniques and access to leading medical researchers. The Year 10 and 11 students are all science ATAR or heading to ATAR courses. At the conclusion of the course, 100% of students seriously consider a career in STEM. 

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