Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is a world leading medical research hub, conducting innovative research that translates into lasting health benefits.

A key focus of the Institute is to engage community and school groups into the world of medical research, through the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre. One of the BioDiveristy Centre’s key program is Perkins Profs which enables students to observe and interact with dynamic research scientists.

Two holiday programs were offered in 2022 and a second cohort of schools were involved, enabling 31 students from eight schools to participate. The program aims to provide students with an immersion into medical research techniques and give them access to researchers and university students to increase their understanding of opportunities in STEM fields in both study pathways and career options.

Lab sessions include staining cancer cells, amplifying genes, introduction to bioinformatics, viral outbreak, and protein identification using nanoparticles for drug delivery. A ‘Brag File session’ where the importance and purpose of collating a file that showcased their achievements was discussed.

The most important thing I’ve gained from this course would probably be the advice the guest students and researchers gave to us with the speed dates; how medical research is used and the many careers that it’s involved in.

Student of the Perkins Profs program Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

The 2022 students will come from eight Fogarty EDvance schools:

For more information about Perkins Profs visit Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

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