UWA Success Through Educational Excellence Program

UWA Success Through Educational Excellence Program

This program recognises the essential role that teachers have in delivering excellent educational outcomes. The program helps to develop teachers’ research capabilities through the Postgraduate Research Forum and recognises excellence in teaching through the Prizes.

Postgraduate Research Forum

The Fogarty Foundation Postgraduate Research Forum is an annual event supported by the Fogarty Foundation and hosted by the Graduate School of Education at UWA.

The Forum provides an opportunity to build a network of passionate researchers who share their knowledge with fellow academics, educators and across universities.

In 2022, 60 attendees (including 10 online) gathered to hear 19 presentations on a range of education topics. The presentations offered attendees the opportunity to hear from postgraduate students, some of whom were in the very early stage of research, with attendees offering suggestions and insightful questions about the research topic, to late-stage researchers who were able to use the opportunity as a place to disseminate their findings and engage in discussion regarding their early conclusions. Presenting at the Forum helps develop practical presentation skills and plays an important
role in developing a sense of community amongst researchers.

My studies at UWA have stimulated and challenged me in equal measure and I am now looking forward to combining the new skills I learned during my masters studies with those I already possess as a result of my previous teaching experience in the tertiary education sector. I intend to pursue a career in primary education and to use the Fogarty Foundation prize money for a purpose that aligns with the Foundation’s aims to improve the quality of education for young people in Western Australia.

Dianne Budd Winner of the Master of Teaching (Primary Teaching) Prize 2018

Recognising educational excellence

The Fogarty-sponsored prizes acknowledge excellence in pre-service and post graduate teaching students. This program has now recognised and supported more than 100 teachers to deliver excellence in education. In 2022, the Fogarty Foundation awarded the following prizes:
Gemma Slater – Winner for Fogarty Foundation Success Through Educational Excellence – Master of School Leadership Prize.
Dr Wan Wong – Winner for Fogarty Foundation Success Through Educational Excellence Prize for the Best Piece of Research in the Doctor of Education.
Courtney Anderson – Winner for Fogarty Foundation Success Through Educational Excellence – Master of Teaching Prize for Excellence in Primary Pre-Service Teacher Education

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