Dyslexia SPELD Foundation: BOOST Program

Empowering parents and teachers to support their children’s literacy development and enhance their learning ability.

The Fogarty Foundation continues to work with the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF) supporting the delivery of the powerful BOOST program, teaching parents of children in Kindergarten through to Year Two about how literacy skills develop and how they can help their children learn to read.

Very few children (about 5%) will learn to read effortlessly, just by experimenting with the books they are surrounded by. Parents have a crucial role in developing their child’s literacy skills. Children have the best opportunity to thrive in a home environment, where reading and writing are valued skills and where it is fun and write.

The BOOST program assists parents to learn specific skills to help their children develop their literacy skills, thereby enhancing their learning ability during school and beyond.

The Fogarty Foundation, in partnership with DSF, funds the delivery of BOOST to Fogarty EDvance Network schools. The schools are supported with workshops and take home materials, developing practical strategies and activities to build their children’s literacy skills.

The staff at Roseworth Primary School would like to thank DSF and the Fogarty Foundation for their support in the provision of 40 BOOSTer packs for use within our school community. The BOOSTer packs and training session provided many of our staff with a renewed confidence to engage our students in enjoyable and effective literacy activities that are current and evidence-based.

Staff member Roseworth Primary School

The BOOST program has two delivery modes:

For more information on the BOOST Program visit the Dyslexia SPELD Foundation website.

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