Dyslexia SPELD Foundation

The Dyslexia SPELD Foundation is empowering teachers and parents to support the literacy development of their children and enhance learning ability.

The Fogarty Foundation continues to work with the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF) in the field of literacy development. DSF programs support children struggling with literacy or numeracy acquisition, regardless of whether or not they have been identified with a learning disorder, such as dyslexia.

Very few children (approximately 5%) will learn to read effortlessly. Parents have a crucial role in developing their child’s literacy skills. Children have the best opportunity to thrive in a home environment, where reading and writing are valued skills and where it is fun to read and write.

BOOST Program

The Fogarty Foundation continues to support the delivery of the powerful BOOST program. This program teaches parents of children (Kindergarten to Year 2) how literacy skills develop and how they can help their children learn to read. 

Schools are supported with workshops and take-home materials, developing practical strategies during school and beyond. 

In 2022, 62 parents attended the BOOST workshops meaning that 62 families have benefitted from the program. Improving the understanding, skills and confidence of parents can have a significant impact on an entire family.

‘BOOST’ supplemented our school focus areas of helping parents to support their child’s learning, and early intervention in literacy. Our parents couldn’t have had a more qualified and engaged presenter who motivated them to consider their impact as their child’s first teacher, and then provided them with the necessary tools to ‘be the change’ for their kids. Thank you Fogarty Foundation and DSF.

Cass Disisto Principal at South Padbury Primary School

Talk for Writing Lead Teacher Program

In 2022, the Fogarty Foundation funded the Talk for Writing, Lead Teachers Program within low SES schools. The aim of the project is to ensure sustainable and lasting improvements in literacy outcomes for the schools involved, by developing the capacity of teachers to lead, support and maintain effective implementation of Talk for Writing as a critical component of effective literacy instruction across the school. 

Teachers who are part of the Lead Teacher group are provided with strategies to help achieve best practice. It assists staff in improving and raising their teaching skills, quality of work being delivered and student outcomes. The program enables staff to work as a team, discuss as partners and later individualise the practice under the guidance of an independent expert. 

Twenty-one lead teachers have completed the project since 2019.

For more information on the BOOST or Talk for Writing Teacher Lead Programs visit the Dyslexia SPELD Foundation website.

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