The Fogarty Foundation is supporting the development of three EdConnect training modules to prepare volunteers who are passionate about improving the lives of vulnerable children.

EdConnect Australia is a charity that recruit, train and support skilled volunteers to provide life-changing mentoring or learning support to students in local schools who might struggle to realise their potential – in school and life.

EdConnect is committed to providing volunteers with additional opportunities to participate in professional learning. The purpose of these sessions is to support and equip volunteers to respond to the current needs of students and schools. In 2021, the Fogarty Foundation supported the development of three training modules:

Online Refresher Training

EdConnect volunteers must complete a refresher training module every three years, to continue their volunteering. This training covers compliance with the EdConnect Code of Conduct, responding to and reporting child abuse and neglect, and the roles and responsibilities of a volunteer.

Cyber Safety Education

The Cyber Safety Education module supports volunteers working with children and young people in our heavily digital era. EdConnect is committed to empowering children and young people to have safe and positive experiences in the digital environment. Facilitated by the WA Child Safety Services, the workshop provides up-to-date information, guidance and strategies to support children and young people to navigate the digital world safely.

Dyslexia SPELD Foundation

This module aims to support children with additional needs by providing volunteers with a professional development workshop facilitated by the Dyslexia SPELD Foundation and their literacy and clinical services volunteers who are better equipped to understand and support these students. These workshops cover a range of topics including understanding and supporting children with additional needs and providing practical solutions that volunteers can apply.

For more information, visit the EdConnect Australia website.

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