FameLab Academy

FameLab is the world’s leading science communication competition that aims to discover charismatic early career scientists who can inspire people to see the world from new perspectives.

The Fogarty Foundation has partnered the the Foundation for the WA Museum to establish FameLab Academy, a schools initiative for Years 9 and 10 students to encourage their interest in STEM and develop their science communications skills.

The FameLab Academy National Finals, held in Perth, showcase some of the country’s brightest minds as they tell science stories in just three minutes, with no props, no jargon, and no PowerPoint. Researchers explain why their work matters, in ways non-researchers can understand.

I enjoyed being with ‘fellow nerds’ and being able to inform others on a topic that I really enjoyed learning and researching about. I loved learning about everyone else’s topic and the whole vibe of the day was supportive and relaxed. It really helped my self-confidence and public speaking.

Grace FameLab Academy student

The 2022 FameLab Academy Final event was held at the Heath Ledger Theatre, where the selected nine finalists (representing nine different schools), presented to a highly esteemed panel of judges from various science disciplines, and an audience of peers, teachers, sponsors, donors and VIPs. The presentations were delivered brilliantly by the students, and the high standard made the decision very difficult for the judges.

Congratulations to Lucy Ward-Dickson from Mercedes College for being crowned the 2022 winner with her
presentation “Why do we dream?”.

For more information visit the FameLab Academy website.

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