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The Fogarty Foundation is committed to trialling innovative professional learning models that best support school leaders in implementing and embedding evidence-based instruction. Effective instruction is not always easy for schools to access; however, these high-impact instructional strategies demonstrate significant improvement in student outcomes.

The Fogarty Foundation established the EDvance Teaching Intensives to provide teachers with content, support and practice to teach explicitly. The program was developed from the evidence of how to most effectively support teachers to adopt new practices. Research confirms that 95% of teachers transfer new skills to their teaching practice after receiving ongoing coaching, feedback and support.

The one week intensive was fantastic. As a student who has almost finished my degree, I think this has been the best education in terms of teaching instruction I have received or been exposed to. I cannot wait to implement EDI in the classroom and feel confident it will dramatically improve my teaching.

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For more information on our EDvance teaching intensives visit the Fogarty EDvance website.

The modelling of lesson delivery and planning is supportive in building confidence in the use of the explicit teaching model. Actually practising with students and colleagues in a hands on way is a much more ‘real’ way of improving skills. It is easier to continue something you have already started, rather than just been told about.

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