The Fogarty Foundation supported iyarn’s WA research project, implementing their health and wellbeing tool within 10 Fogarty EDvance schools.

Wellbeing check-in for schools

Iyarn is a digital solution for pastoral care, wellbeing tracking and student engagement. Research shows there are increasing levels of stress, anxiety, isolation and depression in society. The problem is growing and yet the research is clear: better connection and stronger social relationships are the way forward.

iYarn provides a place for students to ‘check-in’ on their wellbeing. It is particularly useful in schools as it can be customised to suit the users’ needs, allowing students to check-in on their social, physical, educational and emotional wellbeing.

With the support of the Fogarty Foundation, 10 West Australian schools implemented the iYarn tool, testing and refining the platform to establish a foundation for future adoption on a wider basis. The 12-month research project will engage with teachers using the platform while collaborating with education experts to further enhance the support methods for students and teachers.

iYarn has also partnered with the University of Technology Sydney to further develop the teacher and student wellbeing and mental health resources. Additional grants will be offered to schools willing to take part in the trial. For more information, please contact hello@iyarn.com.au.

iYarn will be used by more than 20,000 students in 2022.

For more information, visit the iyarn website.

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