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Supporting educational research

In 2018, the Fogarty Foundation began a three year partnership with Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (WAIER) to provide an Annual Research Grant in the important area of educational research.

WAIER promotes new educational research generated, for the most part, in Western Australia and they work to strengthen the collaboration among higher education institutions, government departments and educators. 

A key activity of the institute is the annual WAIER Forum which provides opportunities for research students and university lecturers to build networks and present their work. It is an important forum for education students, early career researchers and established researchers to receive feedback on their work in a friendly and collegial space and make connections across institutions. 

I am very honoured to be the recipient and grateful for the generous support of my research career. The conference is a wonderful event to celebrate the accomplishments of WA education-based researchers, and become informed in others’ work.

Dr Donna Barwood Health and Physical Education, Edith Cowan University

The Foundation grant

At the 2018 Forum, the inaugural Fogarty supported grant was awarded to Dr Donna Barwood of ECU towards her research Understanding and challenging the dominant discourse in Health and Physical Education at Edith Cowan University.  In 2019, the Foundation increased the grant to support deeper practical research in WA education.

For more information about the Annual Research Grant visit the WAIER website.

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