Tournament of Minds

Tournament of the Minds is an international education program, ‘challenging the world’ to develop creative problem solving skills.

The Fogarty Foundation is a proud partner of Tournament of Minds (TOM) – a collaborative problem solving programme for teams of students from primary and secondary years.

Students involved in the Tournament of Minds competition have the opportunity to practise 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving. They are also encouraged to make use of technology in an effective manner.

There are regional, state, and international levelsof competition, with the state level competition hosted by Edith Cowan University. Teams undertake a challenge from one of four different areas:

The Foundation is supporting up to 20 schools and students from low socio-economic index (SEI) communities, including regional schools, to participate in this skill development opportunity.

Learn more about the Tournament of Minds competition here.

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