Advancing social change through education

The Fogarty Foundation supports programs and develops new models in education to achieve a ripple effect of wide and long term impact.
Why education

Providing education opportunities across Western Australia

The Fogarty Foundation is committed to ensuring that all young people in Western Australia have the opportunity to receive high quality education.

We work across the spectrum of the community enabling high quality school leadership, supporting the delivery of the foundations of learning through to future ready skills and capabilities.

Our Programs

Partnering with others and developing new initiatives

With the ability to identify unmet needs and pilot new models, the Foundation gathers support from its networks in the government, corporate and social sectors.

We apply entrepreneurial and business principles to our activities and programs to achieve a ripple effect of greater outcomes and long-term impact.

Our flagship programs


Fogarty Scholars


Fogarty EDvance


CoderDojo WA

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We partner with leading organisations to improve education

Annual Report

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