Advancing social change through education

The Fogarty Foundation supports programs and develops new models in education to achieve a ripple effect of wide and long term impact.
Why education

Providing education opportunities across Western Australia

The Fogarty Foundation is committed to ensuring that all young people in Western Australia have the opportunity to receive high quality education.

We work across the spectrum of the community enabling high quality school leadership, supporting the delivery of the foundations of learning through to future ready skills and capabilities.

Our Programs

Partnering with others and developing new initiatives

With the ability to identify unmet needs and pilot new models, the Foundation gathers support from its networks in the government, corporate and social sectors.

We apply entrepreneurial and business principles to our activities and programs to achieve a ripple effect of greater outcomes and long-term impact.

We’re celebrating our 20th year

The Fogarty Foundation: 2000 – 2020

Celebrating 20 years

Our 20th anniversary

Brett and Annie Fogarty established the Fogarty Foundation in 2000 to help build strong and prosperous communities.


Since inception the Foundation has focussed on education as it has the ability to change lives:  It is the best avenue to enable individuals to fulfil their potential and lead purposeful lives and for the whole society to be prosperous, provide meaningful work and to be able to support those in need.

Celebrating 20 years

Long term impact

The Foundation has adopted catalytic philanthropy, leveraging resources, expertise and networks to drive social change through education.


Creating the ripple as their logo, it is at the very essence of everything the Foundation does – creating opportunities for improved outcomes with long term impact.

Celebrating 20 years

Social venturers

20 years on, the Foundation are social venturers who continue to focus on inspiring excellence in education and leadership.  Through empowering good leaders, they will provide vision and direction enabling positive change for the whole society.


Celebrating 20 years

Our initiatives

Over the years, the Foundation has grown to know the education and community sectors well, so as well as supporting organisations to deliver programs, the Foundation identifies unmet needs in education and then scales evidence-based solutions to create systemic change.


Our initiatives include the UWA Fogarty Scholarship Program, Fogarty EDvance and EDfutures incorporating Coderdojo WA.

Celebrating 20 years

2020 Onwards

Going forward, the Foundation will continue to work to enable excellence in education for all children, no matter their economic background.  We are part of a global ecosystem in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world.


To take advantage of the opportunities that these changes provide, we need to look at education differently and ensure world class education that is engaging and relevant.

Supporting education opportunities across WA

The Foundation identifies areas of focus and supports and develops West Australian programs that deliver educational opportunities and have wide impact.

Our flagship programs

The Foundation identifies areas of focus and supports and develops West Australian programs that deliver educational opportunities that have wide impact.

Fogarty Scholars


Fogarty EDvance


CoderDojo WA

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We partner with leading organisations to improve education

2019 Fogarty Report

Download the full report on our impact for 2019