The programs we support

The Foundation invests in activities, programs and people that help the Foundation to achieve its aim of advancing social change through education. 

The Fogarty Foundation is proudly West Australian and we only support initiatives that will directly benefit West Australians. We’re open to all ideas, however we prefer to invest in innovative proposals that demonstrate investment in the future of WA through its community.

The Foundation has particular interest in proposals that demonstrate well planned and sustainable positive effects focused on education, young people and leadership throughout WA. We focus on investing in projects that are in their start-up phase and that have synergy with the other programs that the Foundation operates and supports.

We only support organisations with DGR status.

The submission process

Submissions are accepted at any time and investment decisions are made approximately every 8 weeks when the Board of Trustees meets to review submissions.

Submission outcomes are communicated to the named contact once a decision has been reached by the Trustees.

If you are interested in making a submission to the Fogarty Foundation, we ask that you call us or email us first with some high level information about your project or proposal.

If we feel your idea or proposal is a good fit, we will invite you to complete a submission proposal which we will then present to the Board of Trustees.

Find out more

To find out more information about the submission process we encourage you to contact us via email, telephone or post: 


(t) 08 6316 1600

(p) PO Box 7875 Cloisters Square P.O Western Australia 6850

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