Annie and Caitlyn share their experiences at Impact100’s Generous Australians Event

November 10, 2020

Annie and Caitlyn Fogarty were recently invited to speak at Impact100 WA’s Generous Australians Event at The Grove Library. They are the first mother and daughter duo to speak at the event, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their experiences and sparking enthusiasm and interest in philanthropy.  

In a Q&A style forum, they spoke with Paul Chamberlain about why they started the Foundation, the lessons they have learnt over the past 20 years, when they knew they were having an impact and the many memorable moments along the way.  

Annie spoke openly about her family background in giving back, her views on how to make a difference and how she and Brett established the Foundation some 20 years ago with the aim of enriching our home state of WA using education as the vehicle for change.  

Caitlyn shared her experiences, discussing her progression from joining the board 12 years ago to working closely with the Fogarty EDvance program and assuming the role of Executive Officer in 2018. She spoke with great passion about the Foundation’s programs and said she looked forward to continuing to support the deep impact the Foundation is having in the WA community and the wider education system. 

“We feel sure that this powerful Q&A session left our guests feeling grateful for the opportunities the Fogarty Foundation has created, excited for the changes they are bringing to education and (we hope) inspired to help out somehow.”

The Impact100 WA Team

Impact100 WA is a collaborative giving group that pools donations to make a significant difference in areas of need. Established by Sophie and Paul Chamberlain, Impact100 is proudly West Australian, you can find out more here.   

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