Enterprise Panel – UWA Fogarty Scholars’ Conversation

On Thursday 24th September, the UWA Fogarty Scholars’ were a part of an exclusive Enterprise Panel. Bonnie Lin, Director of B2 Rainmakers and Fogarty Foundation Trustee was a terrific moderator with the panel of Dr Marcus Tan, Founder and CEO of Health Engine; Andrew Larsen a venture capitalist and Director of Larsen Ventures  and Jasmin Ward Program Manager of LaunchPad and co-founder of start-up, Cribber plus several others.

The purpose was to encourage Scholars to have an Enterprising mindset; that is ways of thinking which sees opportunities rather than barriers, that sees learnings rather than failure, and wants to do something that creates change and develops solutions, rather than be complacent about the problems.

Some key message from the panel:
– Entrepreneurship is hard! You need resilience.
– It’s more than ok to ‘flearn’ (learning from failures). You will learn and grow more from knowing what not to do, than getting it right first time.
– Be passionate about the problems you want to solve!
– Having expertise in your field, eg medicine, law, business, will allow you understand the problems and identify solutions and have networks in your area of interest

We are fortunate that Mark Shelton shared his thoughts all the way from USA. Mark’s has shared his video for you all to watch. https://www.loom.com/share/7d0b134f362c4150ab51eb1e70134871

It was great to connect those there with these four, enterprising minded leaders. The informal conversations and relationships established are so powerful on your journeys.

FameLab is a live science communication competition that aims to discover charismatic early career scientists who can inspire people to see the world from new perspectives. It is an initiative to engage in STEM and STEAM. Run annually in Australia and in over 25 countries across the world, the Foundation for the WA Museum ran virtual finals for the 2020 National FameLabs.

The FameLab National Winner this year was Cody Frear  from The  University of Queensland. Cody’s presentation ‘Out with the old, in with the Noo-Noo using the the Teletubbies’ vacuum cleaner character Noo-Noo, to explain how paediatric burn injuries can heal faster and reduce scarring using a ‘vacuum’. 

If you want to check out The FameLab 2020 Online LiveZoom presentations, they are live here.

The Fogarty Foundation is FameLabs WA education network partner supporting FameLabs to connect with and run presentation and specific school workshops. These workshops will run at Cecil Andrews in Term 3, 2020.