Grattan Institute’s Report – Reading Abilities in WA 

As advocates for a quality education no matter where a child lives in Western Australia, the Fogarty Foundation acknowledges that Australia has a literacy crisis. Given the importance of ensuring every child has the essential skills for success, we recognise the imperative of transforming the way reading is taught in our schools. The recent findings from the Grattan Institute’s report on reading abilities serve as a call for action, reaffirming the need for systemic reform that utilises evidence-based interventions. 

At the heart of Australia’s reading problem lies a decades-long debate over pedagogical approaches to teaching reading. The Foundation believes that the time for debate is over. The evidence is clear: the ‘whole-language’ approach, with its reliance on the notion that reading is a natural, unconscious process, falls short of meeting the diverse learning needs of our students. 

Instead, we advocate for the widespread adoption of the ‘structured literacy’ approach throughout our education system. Grounded in research and proven effectiveness, structured literacy places a strong emphasis on phonics instruction, decoding skills, and phonemic awareness. By equipping students with the foundational skills to sound out words and decode meaning, structured literacy lays the groundwork for reading success. 

However, it is also key to recognise that structured literacy is not merely about phonics; it encompasses a holistic approach to reading instruction. It emphasises vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, and fluency practice, fostering understanding of texts and nurturing a lifelong love for reading. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only read proficiently but also engage critically with diverse texts across various disciplines. 

Grattan argues that, central to its vision for a reading revolution, is the establishment of a ‘Reading Guarantee’ – a six-step commitment to achieving reading proficiency for all Australian students: 

  1. Pledge that at least 90 per cent of Australian students will become proficient readers, setting ambitious yet achievable targets for educational excellence. 
  1. Provide educators with clear guidelines on evidence-based reading instruction, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in teaching practices. 
  1. Equip schools with high-quality curriculum materials and assessments, empowering teachers with the tools they need to deliver effective reading instruction. 
  1. Implement universal screening of students’ reading skills and provide targeted support for those in need, ensuring no child falls through the cracks. 
  1. Invest in teacher professional development and appoint Literacy Instructional Specialists in schools, building educators’ capacity to deliver high-quality reading instruction. 
  1. Mandate a nationally consistent Year 1 Phonics Screening Check and hold schools accountable for their performance in teaching students to read, driving continuous improvement in literacy outcomes. 

By implementing evidence-based reading instruction and committing to the Reading Guarantee, significant positive change can be achieved that will benefit generations to come. The Fogarty Foundation supports the findings of the Grattan Institute and welcome the level of public interest in the growing challenge facing our schools and the education sector. 

Let’s use this momentum to drive reform, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to unlock their potential through high quality, evidence-based, literacy instruction in West Australia’s schools. 

Supported by the Fogarty Foundation

In an initiative which enriches educational experiences, the timeless tale of “The Jungle Book” comes alive in a school’s matinee and pre-show discussion supported by the Fogarty Foundation. This program brings the magic of live theater to students and fosters creativity, diversity, and inclusivity among students, thanks to the Perth Festival’s Creative Learning Program. Which is a catalyst for nurturing a passion for the arts among students and young individuals, allowing them to not only witness the magic of the arts but also to immerse themselves in the creative process.

Recognising the importance of creativity as a future skill, the Fogarty Foundation champions initiatives such as the Creative Learning Program. By funding programs like these there is a broadening access to creative activities, ensuring that a range of students have the opportunity to engage with the arts in meaningful ways.

Through the performance, students are transported into the heart of the jungle through the timeless story of “The Jungle Book”. The immersive experience of live theater not only entertains but also inspires imagination, creativity, and critical thinking among young audiences. To begin the day, a pre-show discussion introduced students to the lead performer sparking engagement with the themes of “The Jungle Book Re-imagined.” The discussion outlined key issues within the show such as climate change and animal welfare. Furthmore, a creative learning resource pack is provided to the students ahead of time. Which guides their minds through the performance, outlines key themes and poses important questions to consider while they watch the performance.

‘Then Man Changed … hunting animals until they were extinct.’

Jungle Book Reimagined

As the narrative unfolds with its twists and turns, viewers are compelled to delve into a critical examination of the post-apocalyptic landscape laid out before them. This is especially evident in the intricate interplay among humanity, the environment, and wildlife presented within the show, where these components seamlessly merge into a cohesive whole. The audience is challenged to reframe the timeless narrative of The Jungle Book, which adopts new thematic dimensions and a more somber undertone. While Mowgli remains at the forefront, her character is led through a series of moral quandaries and moments of self-discovery, prompting viewers to ponder: Are we truly doing enough to safeguard our natural world?

Providing access to creative programs empowers the next generation of artists, thinkers, and leaders to tackle such questions. Through initiatives like the “Jungle Book Reimagined” Creative Learning Program, a creative spark is set alight for young people, enabling them to think curiously about the world around them.  

Look at the full program here!

The Fogarty Foundation’s reflections on Collaborative Impact 

The Fogarty Foundation has a longstanding commitment to advancing education and creating opportunities for student success.  Recognising the complex challenges within the education sector, the organisation embraces a collaborative approach.  By partnering with the State Government, Catholic Education WA and West Australian universities’ Departments of Education, as well as with ‘for purpose’ organisations such as The Smith Family, the Foundation aims to amplify its impact and address systemic issues collectively. By collaborating with like-minded organisations, the Foundation gains access to diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and best practices that enhance its programs. 

 “Education is the foundation of a thriving society, and its impact is greater when working collaboratively. In the education sector, it is essential that public, private and philanthropic organisations work together, with a focus on students. This way they can pool resources, expertise, and passion to unlock greater opportunities and empower generations to build a brighter future.” Caitlyn Fogarty

Collaborative efforts are most effective when organisations share a common vision and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes. Whether promoting literacy, enhancing STEM education, or bridging educational gaps, the Foundation seeks partners committed to the same overarching objectives. 

This Community Spotlight explores one way in which the Foundation partners with others to achieve outcomes greater than what could have been achieved alone. 


The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children (the Investment Dialogue) is a commitment between Government and philanthropic partners to a long-term collaboration to improve the wellbeing of children, young people, and their families, by working with communities to reduce intergenerational disadvantage in Australia.  To that end, a ‘Working Together Agreement’ was signed by the Federal Government and 20 philanthropic members of the Investment Dialogue in Canberra on 4 December 2023 (photo shows the Federal Treasurer addressing some of the attendees), outlining shared commitments for the coming years.  It also reflects a desire to expand the stakeholders involved including to State Governments, First Nations people and those working on the ground in communities. 

This follows certain budget commitments made by Federal Government in May 2023, and the establishment of a cross-agency ‘Tackling Entrenched Disadvantage’ working group housed within Treasury.  Philanthropy has agreed to contribute a minimum of $100m over the first four years of the IDAC, $65M of which has already been earmarked in the first year.  

The Investment Dialogue will identify and promote investment opportunities in the areas of policy and system level reform; place-based initiatives; and projects, programs and service models.  Within 10 years the Investment Dialogue hopes to achieve a measurable reduction in child vulnerability and create lasting conditions to address intergenerational disadvantage. 

The Investment Dialogue is convened by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), supported by a philanthropy taskforce including executives from The Bryan Foundation, Paul Ramsay Foundation, and Ian Potter Foundation.  The Fogarty Foundation is one of three WA-based participants together with the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation and Minderoo Foundation.  Additionally, a group of WA-based philanthropists and funders have been collaborating since November 2022 to consider the opportunities that the Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children (IDAC) presents for WA.   This group is called the Investment Dialogue for WA (IDWA) and has been voluntarily convened by the Fogarty Foundation. 

The Fogarty Foundation extends its congratulations to the newly elected members of the Fogarty Scholars Association (FSA) Committee for 2024. We look forward to seeing the contribution they will make in 2024 to the Association and to contributing to the experience of all UWA Fogarty Scholars. 

It is particularly pleasing to see the second year Scholars taking on Committee roles, following their contribution to running the Fogarty Futures Conference in 2023. We look forward to seeing the impact they will make in 2024 to the Association and to contributing to the experience of all UWA Fogarty Scholars. 

President: Shantelle Jeyakumar (3rd year Integrated Dental Science studies); whose leadership skills and dedication to fostering a strong and inclusive community to date among Fogarty Scholars will contribute significantly to the Association. 

Vice President: Mariya Faisal (2nd year, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Public Health studies) will continue to demonstrate her collaborative efforts in enhancing the academic and social experiences of Fogarty Scholars. 

Secretary: Sienna Hanikeri (2nd year, Integrated Medical Sciences with Clinical Practice studies) will be able to use her organisational skills and attention to detail, following her contribution to the Fogarty Futures Conference management in 2023.  

Treasurer: Josh Peckover (4th year, Politics, Philosophy and Economics studies) will be the financial steward of the FSA, focusing on the Association’s fiscal health and the successful execution of its programs. 

Communication Director: Jade Wallwork (2nd year, Communication and Media Studies and Law and Society studies) will continue her focus on ensuring effective communication within the Fogarty Scholars community. 

General Representative: Naveen Nimalan’s (3rd year, Automation and Robotics studies) appointment as General Representative demonstrates his commitment to representing the diverse interests and perspectives of Fogarty Scholars. We congratulate Naveen and anticipate that his advocacy will contribute to a vibrant and inclusive community. 

Through 2024, the FSA will orchestrate a series of events, workshops, and mentoring initiatives designed to cultivate a sense of community and foster a supportive cohort environment among scholars. 

The recent establishment of the Fogarty Foundation’s Scholars Platform, will help enable even better collaborate with the FSA, ensuring that communication flows seamlessly and Scholars enjoy direct access to an array of enriching workshops, events, and opportunities tailored to their needs.  

We wish the Committee all the best for 2024 and look forward to working together to enhance the educational journey of our Scholars and support a vibrant and connected Scholar community. 

In a landmark event held in Canberra on December 4, 2023, the Investment Dialogue represented a transformative moment in Australia’s philanthropic landscape. This national initiative, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children, young people, and their families, brought together leaders from philanthropy and the government to forge collaborative pathways toward a brighter future. 

A highlight of the Investment Dialogue was the signing of a Working Together Agreement by the Treasurer, the Hon Jim Chalmers MP, and the Minister for Social Services, the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP. This groundbreaking agreement, endorsed by 20 philanthropic organisations, including the Fogarty Foundation, represents a commitment to joint efforts in enhancing the lives of Australia’s youth. It sets the stage for a decade-long dedication to collaborative and philanthropic initiatives, signifying a sustained effort to bring about enduring positive change. 

‘We owe it to all Australians, and particularly Australia’s children, to tackle entrenched disadvantage in our communities. The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children will help in achieving our goal.’ the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP, 2023 

The Investment Dialogue will include the establishment of Community and First Nations Leadership Councils, a core outcome that promises to support the Dialogue’s decision-making processes. Chaired respectively by Catherine Liddle and April Lawrie, these councils aim to ensure that the lived experiences of communities and First Nations peoples are integral to the Dialogue’s proceedings. An open Expression of Interest process for council members will occur in early 2024, fostering inclusivity and diversity in leadership. 

Four strategic Working Groups have emerged from the Investment Dialogue, each with a specific focus on driving positive change: 

The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children stands as a testament to collaborative philanthropy, embarking on a transformative journey to improve the well-being of the nation’s youth. With a strong foundation laid by the Working Together Agreement, a ten-year commitment, and the establishment of the Leadership Councils and Working Groups, the Dialogue promises to be a catalyst for positive change. As it unfolds, this philanthropic endeavour is poised to shape the future for Australia’s children, fostering a society where collective efforts lead to enduring well-being and prosperity. The subsequent roundtables in 2024 are anticipated to build on these commitments, propelling the Investment Dialogue toward even greater heights of impact and innovation. 

The Foundation is proud to be part of this important initiative. 

Building on the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Showcase founded by Student Edge and featured at 2022’s West Tech Fest, 2023 saw an expansion of offerings for Western Australia’s youth.

2023’s West Tech Fest yet again stood as a phenomenal showcase of innovation and also exemplified the power of collaboration. This year, there was a new dimension, West Tech Fest Youth, a collaborative effort between the Fogarty Foundation, Student Edge, Curtin University, BOP Industries, and Purposeful.

The Young Entrepreneurs Showcase provided opportunities for students as young as 12 from a range of WA schools (pictured above) to feature their initiatives and demonstrate what is possible to their peers, whilst also building meaningful connections between educational institutions, industry experts, and other innovators.

During the opening ceremony, Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, Basil Zempilas celebrated the youth aspect of West Tech Fest and expressed excitement at how much the Showcase has grown since 2022.

Other highlights of 2023’s event included an indoor drone show, networking coaching, masterclasses, panels with young entrepreneurs and a range of impressive youth innovation stalls. Both metropolitan and regional schools were in attendance presenting a range of ideas to solve modern day problems. From a new type of toothpaste in plastic free containers to modern phone booths, the showcase shone with young minds’ creativity.  A particular hats off to the indomitable Michelle Wong (pictured below with Foundation CEO Megan Enders) for bringing a great contingent from the Peel region thanks to her amazing Hackathon and other connections.

Witnessing the synergy between these entities and the collective brilliance of young minds highlighted the incredible potential in Western Australia’s innovation landscape. West Tech Fest aims to be a beacon for cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. This year’s event reinforced this reputation as well as presenting a diverse range of innovations spanning various sectors. The collaboration between established industry and emerging innovators showcased the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the tech world.

The unity between the organising bodies emphasises the importance of a multifaceted approach to nurturing innovation. By bringing together educators, students and industry, this collaborative effort aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to budding entrepreneurs and educators, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience. By leveraging the strengths of each partner, the project expanded and created an ecosystem that encourages the development of young innovators. 

 Many thanks to the Organising Committee that supported this work – comprising representatives from the Foundation, Curtin University, Student Edge, Bloom, St Hilda’s, BOP Industries and Purposeful – as well as support from two great champions, Minister Stephen Dawson and the Mayor of the City of Perth.

As we say goodbye to 2023 and enter 2024, we look forward to an even bigger and better event next year. Especially now that WA has a newly established Young Entrepreneurs Academy; an exciting new initiative supported by the Malka Foundation ANDthe State Government has announced its ongoing support for West Tech Fest. This impressive addition to the educational landscape will bring youth innovation to the forefront in WA, and we look forward to seeing the results.

Read more about this year’s Youth event program and West Tech Fest here!

The Fogarty Foundation was excited to attend the inaugural Next Gen Western Australia Awards, hosted by BOP Industries on 1 November at Bloom at Curtin University. The Awards are a dynamic new platform that celebrates the accomplishments of young talent and dedicated educators. As proud sponsors of this event, in collaboration with the Spacecubed Innovative Society Initiative (which includes funding support from Lotterywest), we are thrilled to support our innovative youth and teachers in Western Australia. 

What are the Next Gen WA Awards?

The Fogarty Foundation’s involvement in the Next Gen WA Showcase Event is a tribute to the spirit of innovation and the dedication of our state’s future leaders. It’s not merely an awards ceremony; it’s a validation of the talented youth and education driving Western Australia forward. 

At the core of the Next Gen WA Showcase Event lies a celebration of excellence. It spotlights and applauds the top three finalists in each of its six award categories, recognising their ideas, commitment and hard work. 

Award Winners 

The Next Gen WA Showcase Event featured six diverse award categories designed to acknowledge excellence across a wide range of talent and expertise. The Foundation would like to congratulate all the shortlisted applicants and this year’s winners, the latter who are: 

We are particularly thrilled that the contribution of two talented individuals from Western Australia – student Kshithij Chandrashekar and educator Michelle Fitzpatrick – achieved national recognition, as part of BOP Industries’ National Next Gen Awards, underscoring the calibre of our local talent on a broader stage. 

About the Foundation 

The Fogarty Foundation, known for our ripple-inspired logo, sponsors several initiatives like the Next Gen Western Australia Showcase Event, ensuring that, much like a ripple, change starts small and has a lasting impact outward. This event, featuring a wide range of award categories and a distinguished panel of judges, truly lived up to its promise as a source of inspiration and celebration.

To learn more about the Awards and winners – or to watch the recording of the event – please visit the Next Gen Awards website. 

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Highlights from the InspirED 2023 event by the Fogarty Foundation

On 26 October 2023, the Fogarty Foundation’s annual InspirED event took place.  As always, it was a remarkable occasion as it provided a wonderful showcase of the achievements and potential of the University of Western Australia (UWA) Fogarty Scholars.  It featured presentations and discussions on a wide array of topics, including entrepreneurial ventures, social impact initiatives, and inspiring personal journeys.  The event also highlighted the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing young talent by empowering Scholars to reach their full potential and so make a positive impact on our society. 

A major highlight at the InspirED event was hearing the insights of the UWA Fogarty Scholars. These talented young minds seized their Scholarships as a launchpad for personal and academic growth, with the event providing a platform for them to showcase their accomplishments. From Caleb McKenna who has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for Western Australia in 2024; to Nicholas Ellison and Lydia Almeida, new medical graduates who aspire to work in regional, rural and remote medicine; and Luke Osborne whose overseas internships helped him find his passion in mathematical finance and financial technology.  The talented Emily Roberts and Racheline Tantular round out our six graduates, Emily with her Master of Professional Engineering (Mech Eng) and Racheline with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Music and Asian Studies.

A compelling narrative was skillfully crafted throughout the evening by Caleb Adams, the event’s MC and Vice President of the Fogarty Scholars Association.  In his address to the audience, he urged us to reflect on the idea that each person carries their own unique story, which collectively weaves into the broader narrative of our shared history and culture. He left the audience with a thought-provoking question to ponder throughout the evening: “What kind of legacy do you aspire to leave behind?”   

Attendees were inspired by keynote speaker Kyle Hoath, who shared his journey from medicine to entrepreneurship. He began by showcasing the positive impact of his project, Oqea, in the field of mental health. Kyle stressed the importance of teamwork and having a support system. When reflecting on legacy in light of Caleb’s question, Kyle concluded that legacies take time to build, and achievements often unfold in surprising ways.

Guests were also fortunate to connect virtually with Lachie McDonald, a Scholar who is now pursuing postgraduate studies at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, as part of a special scholarship opportunity uniquely for UWA Fogarty Scholars.  Lachie shared his insightful reflections on his journey as a Fogarty Scholar, emphasising the critical importance of developing digital skills for the future and driving progress in artificial intelligence. He delved into the philosophical underpinnings of AI which served as a compelling reminder to the audience that the intelligence of digital systems is fundamentally shaped by real-world actions and decisions. Lachie’s message concluded with a resounding call to action, highlighting the urgency of our role as active participants in shaping the future. Here again we were reminded of Caleb’s question; “What kind of legacy do you aspire to leave behind?”. 

In a special moment during the event, the Jeremy Cheang Award was presented to Shantelle Jeyakumar for her exceptional achievements and her commitment to making a positive impact on her community. Shantelle won the award for her innovative project centered on an educational platform that integrates dental health, women’s health, and financial literacy. What makes this recognition even more special is that Shantelle will receive mentorship from Dr. Marcus Tan, a leading expert in the field. Shantelle’s work steps toward one legacy that she may leave behind; by leveraging emerging digital tools to create equality of information and access.  

Thank you to all who attended the InspirED 2023 event, a photo gallery of which is available here. We also encourage you to investigate Kyle’s Oqea and other Scholars’ initiatives.  

The UWA Fogarty Scholars program is one of the Foundation’s flagship programs.  This program has been instrumental in identifying, supporting, and nurturing exceptional students from various fields. With 10 selected each year and an alumni of over 120 Scholars, this group represents a diverse range of talents, ambitions, and backgrounds, and an inspiring group to follow.  To learn more about our Scholars and alumni, visit them here. 

In a momentous achievement, UWA Fogarty Scholar Caleb McKenna has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for Western Australia in 2024. This Scholarship, known for its history and prestige, will see Caleb pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, joining an international community of scholars with a commitment to making a positive impact.  He will be joining four fellow UWA Fogarty Scholars to have received this prestigious scholarship.

The selection process for the Rhodes Scholarship was rigorous, with Caleb and five other exceptional candidates interviewed by the selection committee. The criteria included academic excellence, character, service commitment, leadership, and moral integrity. Caleb’s qualities and significant achievements to date made him stand out. 

The Rhodes Scholarship, founded in 1903 at the University of Oxford, is the world’s oldest and most renowned graduate scholarship. It has a strong tradition of supporting scholars who strive to make the world a better place. The Western Australia Rhodes Scholarship, initiated in 1904, recognises outstanding individuals annually. 

Caleb’s journey from a UWA Fogarty Scholar to a Rhodes Scholar is a testament to his unwavering dedication to education, service, and leadership. His story is an inspiration to students and scholars, motivating them to pursue their goals with determination. Caleb holds a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) and a Master of Professional Engineering and is a passionate student of engineering science. His recent work co- founding Enitiate aided him to stand out during the selection process. Enitiate aims to develop community-minded engineers by allowing them to develop professional and technical skills while working with social enterprises. 

Enitiate works with various community partners to develop a project scope focused on a technical problem the partner is facing. Enitiate’s project teams of engineering students then explore potential solutions to these technical problems and present them to their partners. 

As a Rhodes Scholar, Caleb will continue his academic endeavours to join over a hundred scholars from various backgrounds. The Scholarship fully funds postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, providing the opportunity to learn from top professors, collaborate with peers worldwide, and engage in research that contributes to society’s betterment. 

In October 2024, Caleb will commence his academic journey at Oxford, carrying with him the hopes and best wishes of his Western Australian community excited to see the positive impact he will create in the future. 

To learn more about our UWA Fogarty Scholars, including Caleb, they can be found at our online Scholar database.

THREE Western Australian teacherS RECOGNISED WITH A NATIONAL teaching excellence AWARD

There are multiple factors which make a school high performing, including the excellent teachers who continuously invest in their own progression and/or introduce worthwhile initiatives in order to be better educators.  

A light was shone on three outstanding educators from Western Australia recently as part of being awarded a 2023 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Award.   Congratulations to Nadine Stapleton of South Hedland Primary School, Jade Foster of Mount Tarcoola Primary School and Lauren Warschauer of Byford Secondary College.

Nadine Stapleton, an Early Childhood Teacher in Western Australia, prioritizes communication at South Hedland Primary School. She works with a diverse student body, including 62% First Nations children, and has implemented initiatives like the Green and Red Choices program, using gestures and props to improve communication and behaviour. Nadine also fosters community relationships through events and KindiLink sessions, aiming to create a safe space for children and families and dispel negative perceptions about education.

Jade Foster, a primary school teacher and instructional coach at Mount Tarcoola Primary School, improved student outcomes by implementing evidence-based teaching strategies. Her efforts resulted in consistent high scores in English and Mathematics, and she also shared her knowledge with other teachers, mentored educators from the region, supervised student teachers, and hosted parent workshops to enhance early literacy and numeracy skills.

The third winner, Lauren Warschauer, is a health and PE teacher who has successfully implemented her Engage programme within her secondary school. The program has transformed the health and wellbeing of many of her students with her innovative approach to building their skills and understanding of ways to live a healthier life, as well as improving student engagement.  

Engage is an 8-week program developed by Lauren, where students come to school early twice a week. In these early morning sessions, they participate in fitness activities, cooking classes and healthy meal preparation. Students also get the opportunity to hear from inspiring guest speakers from their community and beyond. Participants are given opportunities to volunteer in their community, as well as get involved in team building activities to develop their leadership and communication skills; skills which have been found to be key contributors to confidence and success.  

‘Warschauer transformed the health and wellbeing of many of her students with her innovative approach…’

The Foundation is pleased to see that Lauren hails from a Fogarty EDvance school. The Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program provides high quality support to build leadership capability and increase the overall effectiveness of schools, through a unique three-year professional development opportunity, which brings together the best practices, resources and tools from education, business and philanthropy. 

Commonwealth Bank partnered with Schools Plus to sponsor the Awards celebrating transformational learning. Applicants are required to have significantly contributed to a measurable improvement in student learning within their institution, using high impact, effective and evidence-based leadership practices. Schools Plus has been working to close the gap caused by educational disadvantage in Australia. Its mission is to facilitate sustainable change to help children facing difficult circumstances. Through Awards such as these, excellent educators are championed and offer inspiration to others involved in the sector.