Fogarty EDvance Update 

June 20, 2024

Empowering Schools: Fogarty EDvance in 2024 

As the year progresses, the Fogarty Foundation is pleased to share an update on Fogarty EDvance, a program established by the Foundation in 2012 to support schools in challenging communities.  To date, EDvance has worked with 148 schools and over 500 school leaders across 11 cohorts and are preparing to recruit its 12th cohort. The program, now delivered by Knowledge Society, sees a pathway to educational equity in WA to significantly improve student outcomes for students. 

In 2024, Fogarty EDvance continues to empower educators through utilising evidence-based content to improve the capabilities of school leadership teams. This commitment is crucial due to the ongoing educational divide in low socio-economic communities.  In addition to the core three-year program, EDvance continues to offer valuable additional components including the Middle Leaders Program, the Instructional Adviser Model and the annual EDvance Teaching Intensives. 

The seventh cohort of EDvance schools successfully completed the program in 2022. These Cohort 7 schools experienced a challenging three years of delivering education, with several phases of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in disruption to learning, staffing and wellbeing. Their resilience and commitment to student growth needs to be acknowledged. The recently released Cohort 7 Impact Report highlights the effectiveness of these schools in challenging circumstances and showcases a positive impact on school leadership and educational outcomes.   

As 2024 progresses, Fogarty EDvance remains dedicated to driving improvements in the Western Australian educational landscape, supporting the state’s goal of quality teaching for all. By empowering educators and fostering positive learning environments, the program continues to play a crucial role in building the capacity of school leadership teams and enhancing student outcomes. 

Read more about EDvance – and access the latest impact report – here

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