Fogarty Foundation and GOSH to support regional youth innovation 

June 25, 2024

The Fogarty Foundation is excited to announce it is partnering with the GoSHackathon event to support the expansion of its initiatives into two more regions of WA.  This collaboration is a milestone in advancing innovation opportunities for regional young people, fostering youth engagement, and promoting future skill building initiatives. 

Our strategic partnership with GoSH reflects our commitment to supporting educational aspirations, entrepreneurship, and community empowerment. 

The vision of the GoSHackathon is to highlight a multitude of pathways for future careers, and to see regional youth recognised as innovative disruptors in the technology field. Its mission is to inspire greatness across WA’s regions, bring industry and opportunity, and empower young people through disruption, showcasing their unique skill sets and creativity.  

The event was first run in 2023 in the Peel region and is the brainchild of Michelle Wong, who also runs the Mandurah CoderDojo for neurodivergent adolescents.  In 2023, the event combined a single-day showcase for young people followed by a hackathon, which together attracted 700 participants from 13 schools in the region. 

Given its success, GoSH is now a staple event for young people in the Peel region, running again in August 2024. The success of GoSH has become a catalyst for several other regional areas requesting similar events in their communities. This has led to negotiations with representatives from Geraldton and the South-West, with a view to holding a GoSHackathon in the South-West in 2024 and another in Geraldton in the first half of 2025. Additionally, opportunities are emerging in the Kimberley, and Albany has also expressed interest. 

Through these events and the wider GoSH network, we seek to inspire educators, enabling them to support their students’ innovative spark – and capabilities – more effectively.  This partnership will amplify the project’s impact, fostering innovation, and unlocking opportunities for young talent, regardless of socio-economic or geographical barriers. By supporting this initiative, the Foundation aims to encourage innovation and empower young people in regional areas. 

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