April 11, 2023

The Foundation welcomes the release by the Grattan Institute of a helpful ‘how to’ guide for Principals and school leaders who would like to implement a whole school curriculum approach in their schools. 

This work has been developed in direct response to the need to lift educational outcomes for all Australian students (and ensure equity of access to a quality education for all children, no matter where they live), but also as a means to return the role of teaching to the essentials.  How might it do this? By enabling excellent delivery of content that allows teachers to differentiate across the varying capabilities of their students, ensuring everyone learns and that current knowledge can be built upon as effectively as possible. 

The guide was developed after surveys conducted of teachers about their workload and what stands in the way of delivering a great education, as well as Grattan taking a deeper dive into five case study schools who are focusing on whole school curriculum (two of which are Fogarty EDvance schools – Serpentine Primary School and Aveley Secondary College).  

The paper also responds to the myths about this approach which include potentially ‘dumbing down’ the profession of teaching.  To the contrary, it shows that implementing a whole school curriculum does the opposite.  In other words, when implemented well, it frees teachers to focus on – and refine – the HOW they teach, rather than spend an inordinate amount of time trying to work out the WHAT to teach. 

You can find out more by visiting Grattan here

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