In Conversation with Mark Hutchinson

April 26, 2023

Fortescue Futures Industries (FFI) CEO Dr Mark Hutchinson shared his insights and experiences at a special In Conversation event with Scholars this week.

Dr Hutchinson discussed his global business and leadership experience whilst also digging into the complexities of FFI’s historic mission to become a global leader in green energy. “We are trying to show the world we can replace and eliminate fossil fuels,” he said. “FFI is historic in this manner as no one else is trying this.” And doing this from Perth was unexpected but exciting, he added.

Mark spoke in depth about his early career and how his global experience, from Hong Kong to the USA, helped him develop as a leader. He talked particularly about the importance of persistence and sticking with challenging jobs or opportunities, even if they are not playing to your natural strengths.  When leaving attendees with a final piece of advice, he encouraged them to think about how they can use their gifts to make a positive difference in the world and a key way to do this is to go abroad to learn what they can, bringing this valuable knowledge and experience back to WA.

This was an exclusive opportunity to hear from a global leader in the green energy transition, and Dr Hutchinson’s leadership experiences were inspirational to Scholars from all study pathways. One attendee expressed their appreciation by stating, “it was incredible to hear such insightful and genuine comments from such an experienced and accomplished business person. “

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