Perth Festival; Jungle Book School Matinee and pre-show interviews

February 15, 2024

Supported by the Fogarty Foundation

In an initiative which enriches educational experiences, the timeless tale of “The Jungle Book” comes alive in a school’s matinee and pre-show discussion supported by the Fogarty Foundation. This program brings the magic of live theater to students and fosters creativity, diversity, and inclusivity among students, thanks to the Perth Festival’s Creative Learning Program. Which is a catalyst for nurturing a passion for the arts among students and young individuals, allowing them to not only witness the magic of the arts but also to immerse themselves in the creative process.

Recognising the importance of creativity as a future skill, the Fogarty Foundation champions initiatives such as the Creative Learning Program. By funding programs like these there is a broadening access to creative activities, ensuring that a range of students have the opportunity to engage with the arts in meaningful ways.

Through the performance, students are transported into the heart of the jungle through the timeless story of “The Jungle Book”. The immersive experience of live theater not only entertains but also inspires imagination, creativity, and critical thinking among young audiences. To begin the day, a pre-show discussion introduced students to the lead performer sparking engagement with the themes of “The Jungle Book Re-imagined.” The discussion outlined key issues within the show such as climate change and animal welfare. Furthmore, a creative learning resource pack is provided to the students ahead of time. Which guides their minds through the performance, outlines key themes and poses important questions to consider while they watch the performance.

‘Then Man Changed … hunting animals until they were extinct.’

Jungle Book Reimagined

As the narrative unfolds with its twists and turns, viewers are compelled to delve into a critical examination of the post-apocalyptic landscape laid out before them. This is especially evident in the intricate interplay among humanity, the environment, and wildlife presented within the show, where these components seamlessly merge into a cohesive whole. The audience is challenged to reframe the timeless narrative of The Jungle Book, which adopts new thematic dimensions and a more somber undertone. While Mowgli remains at the forefront, her character is led through a series of moral quandaries and moments of self-discovery, prompting viewers to ponder: Are we truly doing enough to safeguard our natural world?

Providing access to creative programs empowers the next generation of artists, thinkers, and leaders to tackle such questions. Through initiatives like the “Jungle Book Reimagined” Creative Learning Program, a creative spark is set alight for young people, enabling them to think curiously about the world around them.  

Look at the full program here!

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