Exploring learning possibilities with Fogarty EDfutures

In May last year, we launched our exciting new initiative – EDfutures. A platform to connect people and organisations who want to challenge the status quo in education.

Through EDfutures, we are helping to build an education ecosystem of K–12 and tertiary educators, businesses, industry, not-for-profits, social enterprise, government and the broader Western Australian community, with the purpose of developing learning that best prepares young people for the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Since the launch, the community has grown to over 100 members, who connect and communicate through our ecosystem map, social media pages and events and workshops.

Our monthly community nights give members the opportunity to share their work, network and collaborate with others in the ecosystem; we also run activities to upskill members in systems thinking and organisational change theory.

These events are run for members, building the capacity of emerging change makers in our network, and they are also run by members themselves as we capitalise on the knowledge and expertise within the ecosystem.

As well as running the series of community nights in 2018, we also collaborated with Bankwest, to host Eddie Woo, who spoke to our community about the “Future of Maths in Schools”, and we hosted events with Schools of Thinking and the University of Western Australia and with Curtin University’s Learning Futures Network.

As our community continues to grow and our initiatives continue to gain momentum, we are looking forward to a busy and exciting year ahead. 2019 will see EDfutures take part in the Presencing Institutes Societal Transformation Lab (S-Lab) run through MIT, where we will work with a network of international changemakers across 7 impact areas to grow and scale our initiatives.

We will also host a range of events, including our monthly community nights and the first EDfutures Systems Change Summit. This will bring together our community to prototype innovative, multi-stakeholder curriculum projects that can be delivered in schools across WA.

Innovation in Maths Teaching

Game-changer, preliminary thinking triple bottom line, shared unit of analysis social enterprise scalable overcome

Lego Serious Play

Game-changer, preliminary thinking triple bottom line, shared unit of analysis social enterprise scalable overcome