The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children 

December 11, 2023

In a landmark event held in Canberra on December 4, 2023, the Investment Dialogue represented a transformative moment in Australia’s philanthropic landscape. This national initiative, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children, young people, and their families, brought together leaders from philanthropy and the government to forge collaborative pathways toward a brighter future. 

A highlight of the Investment Dialogue was the signing of a Working Together Agreement by the Treasurer, the Hon Jim Chalmers MP, and the Minister for Social Services, the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP. This groundbreaking agreement, endorsed by 20 philanthropic organisations, including the Fogarty Foundation, represents a commitment to joint efforts in enhancing the lives of Australia’s youth. It sets the stage for a decade-long dedication to collaborative and philanthropic initiatives, signifying a sustained effort to bring about enduring positive change. 

‘We owe it to all Australians, and particularly Australia’s children, to tackle entrenched disadvantage in our communities. The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children will help in achieving our goal.’ the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP, 2023 

The Investment Dialogue will include the establishment of Community and First Nations Leadership Councils, a core outcome that promises to support the Dialogue’s decision-making processes. Chaired respectively by Catherine Liddle and April Lawrie, these councils aim to ensure that the lived experiences of communities and First Nations peoples are integral to the Dialogue’s proceedings. An open Expression of Interest process for council members will occur in early 2024, fostering inclusivity and diversity in leadership. 

Four strategic Working Groups have emerged from the Investment Dialogue, each with a specific focus on driving positive change: 

The Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children stands as a testament to collaborative philanthropy, embarking on a transformative journey to improve the well-being of the nation’s youth. With a strong foundation laid by the Working Together Agreement, a ten-year commitment, and the establishment of the Leadership Councils and Working Groups, the Dialogue promises to be a catalyst for positive change. As it unfolds, this philanthropic endeavour is poised to shape the future for Australia’s children, fostering a society where collective efforts lead to enduring well-being and prosperity. The subsequent roundtables in 2024 are anticipated to build on these commitments, propelling the Investment Dialogue toward even greater heights of impact and innovation. 

The Foundation is proud to be part of this important initiative. 

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