Welcome to the UWA Fogarty Scholar cohort for 2024 

March 11, 2024

Established in 2003, the UWA Fogarty Scholarship Program is one of Australia’s premier scholarship programs. It awards WA’s brightest and most committed students, scholarships for the entirety of their university degree.

The Program aims to strengthen our society by investing in exceptional young people who can use their skills and commitment to lead significant positive change in our community, state and nation. The Scholarship is a joint initiative between the Fogarty Foundation and the University of Western Australia and 2023 marked the 20th anniversary of the establishment of this special partnership. 

The latest cohort of our exceptional scholars was welcomed at the annual UWA Fogarty Scholar’s Welcome Breakfast, held on 7th March 2024. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor David Sadler, set the tone with inspirational remarks based on his close involvement in, and support for, the Scholarship Program over the past seven years. He noted the growth and achievement he has seen fostered by the Scholarship over that time. 

A focal point of the Welcome Breakfast were the candid addresses by current UWA Fogarty Scholar Nicholas Ng and alumni Elizabeth Knight.  Both shared their experiences, challenges, and successes, offering invaluable advice on achieving a balance between academic pursuits and taking full advantage of life at university whilst also managing their well-being. Both speakers also provided real-world insights as to how to navigate the challenging transition from secondary school to university, as the new Scholars embark on their own leadership journeys.  

”The theme of my speech for today’s event centres around the amazing people in this room. It is what I have enjoyed the most about this Scholarship; the people and the excellent connections that I have made.”  

Nicholas Ng, UWA Fogarty Scholar    

In particular, Elizabeth and Head of Student Life, Lisa Goldacre, both encouraged the students to participate in the innovative new Wayfinder program, which has been established by Elizabeth’s organisation Purposeful, in collaboration with UWA. 

The new Scholars come from a number of different backgrounds and plan to study a diverse range of fields.   This year’s cohort includes three students from non-metro backgrounds, from as far apart as Geraldton in the northwest to Dalyellup and Esperance in the south.  Areas of study span disciplines from law and medicine to mechanical engineering, philosophy and behavioural sciences. 

Our full cohort for 2024 and their chosen fields of study are: 

Greta Bushell – Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 

Matteo Conte – Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 

Eva Czislowski – Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability 

Elena Latchem – Bachelor of Biomedicine (Specialised) (Integrated Medical Sciences and Clinical Practice), with an Assured Pathway to Medicine 

Neemyana Lathia – Bachelor of Biomedicine (Specialised) (Integrated Medical Sciences and Clinical Practice), with an Assured Pathway to Medicine 

Greta Lynch – Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) with Assured Pathway to Juris Doctor 

Shreeya Naroth – Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), double majoring in Microbiology & Immunology and Public Health 

India Newman – Doctor of Medicine via Bachelor of Biomedicine (Specialised) 

Travis Shearer – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 

Matthew Vinci – Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Economics, with an Assured Pathway to the Juris Doctor 

Zoe Wallin – Bachelor of Science Majoring in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences 

The 2024 cohort follows past Scholars and Alumni who have gone on to achieve great things in their field. The Foundation believes in the potential of these Scholars to illuminate new paths, question the status quo, and contribute meaningfully to society. Their journey is not just a personal one but a collective journey as they join the UWA Fogarty Scholars of the past and make meaningful lifelong connections (to meet all our Scholars and Alumni, click here). 

We extend our congratulations to the UWA Fogarty Scholars Class of 2024 and wish them well. The Foundation looks forward to witnessing the impact they will make, both within the academic realm and their Scholar community. The Welcome Breakfast set the stage for another year of achievement and growth as the Fogarty Foundation continues to proudly partner with UWA in supporting the young leaders of tomorrow. 

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