Welcome to West Tech Fest Youth 2023 

December 8, 2023

Building on the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Showcase founded by Student Edge and featured at 2022’s West Tech Fest, 2023 saw an expansion of offerings for Western Australia’s youth.

2023’s West Tech Fest yet again stood as a phenomenal showcase of innovation and also exemplified the power of collaboration. This year, there was a new dimension, West Tech Fest Youth, a collaborative effort between the Fogarty Foundation, Student Edge, Curtin University, BOP Industries, and Purposeful.

The Young Entrepreneurs Showcase provided opportunities for students as young as 12 from a range of WA schools (pictured above) to feature their initiatives and demonstrate what is possible to their peers, whilst also building meaningful connections between educational institutions, industry experts, and other innovators.

During the opening ceremony, Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, Basil Zempilas celebrated the youth aspect of West Tech Fest and expressed excitement at how much the Showcase has grown since 2022.

Other highlights of 2023’s event included an indoor drone show, networking coaching, masterclasses, panels with young entrepreneurs and a range of impressive youth innovation stalls. Both metropolitan and regional schools were in attendance presenting a range of ideas to solve modern day problems. From a new type of toothpaste in plastic free containers to modern phone booths, the showcase shone with young minds’ creativity.  A particular hats off to the indomitable Michelle Wong (pictured below with Foundation CEO Megan Enders) for bringing a great contingent from the Peel region thanks to her amazing Hackathon and other connections.

Witnessing the synergy between these entities and the collective brilliance of young minds highlighted the incredible potential in Western Australia’s innovation landscape. West Tech Fest aims to be a beacon for cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. This year’s event reinforced this reputation as well as presenting a diverse range of innovations spanning various sectors. The collaboration between established industry and emerging innovators showcased the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the tech world.

The unity between the organising bodies emphasises the importance of a multifaceted approach to nurturing innovation. By bringing together educators, students and industry, this collaborative effort aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to budding entrepreneurs and educators, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience. By leveraging the strengths of each partner, the project expanded and created an ecosystem that encourages the development of young innovators. 

 Many thanks to the Organising Committee that supported this work – comprising representatives from the Foundation, Curtin University, Student Edge, Bloom, St Hilda’s, BOP Industries and Purposeful – as well as support from two great champions, Minister Stephen Dawson and the Mayor of the City of Perth.

As we say goodbye to 2023 and enter 2024, we look forward to an even bigger and better event next year. Especially now that WA has a newly established Young Entrepreneurs Academy; an exciting new initiative supported by the Malka Foundation ANDthe State Government has announced its ongoing support for West Tech Fest. This impressive addition to the educational landscape will bring youth innovation to the forefront in WA, and we look forward to seeing the results.

Read more about this year’s Youth event program and West Tech Fest here!

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